Interior Designing and Hanging in Southern California

Southern California interior designing is some of the most renowned interior designs in the world, and Hangers Art Installation is proud to be a part of this very detailed process. Our picture hanging skills have been utilized all over Southern California to aid in the hanging of art, mirrors, accessories, sconces and pictures. Over all of our years of experience, we have found all the tricks and practically magical ways to keep pictures and art hung correctly and beautifully. We work with all types of spaces, from clients who are building and installing for the first time, to those who are just doing a quick renovation and are ready for new picture hangings and art hangings.

Location, Location, Location

Southern California happens to be a breeding ground for new, innovative trends and Southern California interior designing is the ideal industry for up and coming artists and designers to be noticed. Hangers Art Installation was created out of the need for a professional company to put the final touches on exquisite Southern California interior design and our art hangers in Southern California have been in the business for over 15 years.

Our Experience Shows, Hang with Us

With all of this experience, we just want to know exactly when you want us to show up and where you want your pictures, mirrors and art hung, and we will stay until you have given us your complete satisfaction. We will come to whatever location you require and we always try to go above and beyond what our clients expect. We understand that it might be “just a picture” or “just a mirror” but the installation and hanging process for us is an experience and we hope that you join us in enjoying our work and your finished project.

Don’t Worry, Hang Happy

Quality and satisfaction are our top priority and we have worked with some of the top Southern California interior design firms to be the perfect compliment to their design work. We provide Southern California picture hangers, wall cleats, locks and other vital pieces needed to do an art or picture installation job correctly and effectively.

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We use the very best possible equipment and accessories when we hang our pictures mirrors and art. Any wall cleats, art hanger, or lock you might need, we have, and if we don’t, we’ll find it!