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Over 15 Years of Experience in Art Installation

Hangers Art Installation has over 15 years experience working in the Orange County art installation and southern California interior design industries, as well as with interior designers and decorators in model homes, retirement communities, retail locations and stores, restaurants, private residences, office spaces, and commercial buildings providing state-of-the-art installations using complete professional picture hanging expertise and only the highest quality materials. Hangers Installation Specialists have the knowledge and the expertise to do your job right.

No job or picture hanging project is too small for Hangers Art. Hangers Art Installation can install one piece, or we can do an entire home or office installation. We can also hang multiple pieces in a single room, or in a home or office. We can hang art and objects on elevated walls, over staircases or just about anywhere. Hangers Art Installation specializes in hanging those really heavy pieces, hard to reach locations and custom installations. Proper handling is essential for proper care of these items and the safety of the items and their surroundings. Hangers Art Installation can also install kitchen pot racks, spice racks, mirrors, wall sconces, and many other items.

The services we offer are ideal for both home improvements, and home renovation. Whether you are remodeling and/or redecorating, renovating, or putting personal touches on a new home, we are perfect for your art, picture, fixture, and mirror hanging needs. Hangers Art handles all forms of art, mirrors, wall decor, tapestries, sculptures, window treatments, and just about anything else you could possibly think of, short of items that require an electrical connection. We provide all of the art hanging supplies including wall cleats, hangers, and/or security locks as needed. At Hangers Art Installation we take great pride in the job we do and the services we offer, and we are enthusiastic about hanging your pictures and art. Everything about us is always top-quality and we are committed to making your space as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

Call Hangers Art Installation today at (949) 388-8278 for a free consultation or estimate, or email us at jay@arthangers.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Getting a picture or mirror dead-on straight is the problem that we most often encounter when we talk to clients who have tried to hang themselves. Leave it to us, we specialize in perfectly straight pictures and mirrors